About Us

It's been a pleasure to work with the talented scientists at Synecor. Their ideas and research are innovative and will potentially have a significant impact in health sciences.Robert Langer, Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Synergistic Strategic Relationships

Synecor evolved from the confluence of several synergistic strategic relationships, initially in the field of interventional cardiology, but has expanded its field to include all medical specialties such as obesity, spine therapeutics, and more. Synecor was founded by Dr. Richard Stack after two decades of collaboration with leading cardiologists, clinician-inventors, and scientists from across the nation and as an outgrowth of close working relationships among corporate leaders in the medical device industry, and experts at Duke University.

Our Vision

There’s a better way to create disruptive new medical device technologies and companies devoted to implementing them. That better way is the Synecor development process.

Our Mission

To drive the rapid creation of novel solutions to unmet medical needs.

The Future

We believe the following significant trends will shape the evolution of the medical device industry over the next decade.

  1. Major medical advances will be driven by the use of devices as platforms for the local delivery of potent biologicals and pharmaceuticals.
  2. The aging American population will continue to fuel ever-increasing, very large market potentials for cost-effective technologies to treat age-related and lifestyle diseases.
  3. Further consolidation within the medical device industry and the capricious nature of the private and public equity financial markets supporting these fledgling start-up companies will provide challenges that only the best-prepared start-up companies can successfully navigate.

Our Promise

To lead our start-up companies with an experienced management team and provide the strategic/technical/financial partnership support that makes Synecor the preeminent platform for medical device innovation.

Our Proof

See Synecor Management, and our Financial, Industry, and Clinical and Scientific Partners.

Partner Team

Mr. William Starling, a well-known Silicon Valley medical device entrepreneur/executive with a successful 38-year career in the high technology cardiovascular device industry, partnered with Dr. Stack to co-manage Synecor and form strategic relationships with leading venture capital partnerships (Delphi Ventures and Frazier & Company). To complete the partner team, Dr. Stack and Mr. Starling also partnered with major life sciences corporations with vast resources and knowledge (Guidant and GE Medical Systems).